Draining your pool per City Ordinance

Why Does My Pool Need To Be Drained?

Arizona often has many environmental issues that affect keeping a swimming pool balanced properly. Often, environmental conditions, Cyanuric acid (CYA) or Stabilizer levels are to high, hard water readings (like calcium), total dissolved solids (TDS) and other elements within in the water all contribute to the seasonal need to drain your pool completely.

How does calcium build-up and surface staining happen?
First, high temperatures can create extremely high evaporation rates in our Phoenix area pools. This is also an issue at our other locations in San Diego, California and Fort Worth, Texas.

With temperatures rising above 100 degrees, in very dry conditions, this evaporation rate requires pools to be refilled on a consistent basis. This consistent refilling of pools may increase hard water readings and when your water temperature rises, the balancing of the chemicals is greatly affected by these readings. Also, certain chemicals may not dissolve properly in the pool water. Minerals in the water such as calcium and copper will “fall out of solution” and will dull or change the color of your surface.

Once this happens, you may notice some staining on the pool surfaces – including your visible waterline tile. Chalky deposits will adhere to and harden on these surfaces. At this point, only professional cleaning chemicals and equipment can remove the staining and build-up.

These cleaning processes, referred to as “acid washing” or “tile cleaning”, require the water to be drained completely from the pool.

If it isn’t calcium build-up or visible staining, we also consider levels of total dissolved solids, high stabilizer readings and high Calcium Hardness levels that need to be balanced with a full pool drain.

During the off season, which is typically from November to April, we test your water to determine if it needs to be drained.
Overall, there are many reasons why your pool water may need to be drained, so consult your Service Technician or call Pool Kings office to find out if your pool requires draining. After the pool is  drained, it will be much easier to maintain your water chemistry, preserve your pool and your repair budget.

When Does My Pool Need To Be Drained?

They should not be done every year. Pool Kings recommends draining and refilling your pool every 2-3 years here in Arizona. Depending on your water and pool.

Where Is My Pool Water Drained?

A question we commonly get asked is, “Where do you drain or dump my pool water?” The answer to this question has a few different variables, and it may depend on which Arizona city you live in. Generally speaking, the water needs to be kept on your private property, or dumped in the sewer clean-out located on your private property. Absolutely can NOT drain your pool into your septic system. It is the customers responsibility to inform Pool Kings if you have a septic system. See below for pool draining regulations for your City.

City Regulations For Draining Your Pool

For more details on all of the laws and regulations that pertain to draining your Arizona swimming pool click on the links below. When having your pool drained, it’s best to stick with a reputable company who is up-to-date on all of the laws and regulations in your particular city. Pool Kings is on top of all the regulations and laws.

When you drain and refill your pool you should be aware of the rise in utility bill due to the large consumption of water. It is always wise to contact your utility Co. and the City before you begin. Most Arizona cities do not give discounts when refilling your pool; however, most cities offer seasonal rates. You can use your utility bill to calculate the estimated cost to refill your pool. It is billed per thousand gallons based on the current city rates.

How Long Will It Take To Drain My Pool?

Draining your pool can be quite the process, but generally takes a Pool Kings Pool Care professional about 6 – 8 hours with our pumps. Here is a quick chart you can use as a gauge to determine just how long a pool drain may take; depending on flow rate:

Other Services To Do While Your Pool Is Drained

While your pool is drained, it is the perfect time to give it a little bit of a face lift. A chlorine wash or an acid wash will give your pool that like new look, and remove algae and other stains. While your pool is drained, it is also a good time to switch out light bulbs, clean tiles, and perform any preventative maintenance or repairs.

Pool Kings offers all of these services.

There’s quite a lot that goes into draining your pool, and it is best left to qualified pool professionals.

If it’s been more than two years since your last pool drain, give Pool Kings a call today! We will get your pool ready for the upcoming pool season!

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